Pre-Major Project

For this university project, I wanted to create the storyboard and character designs for the comic book I will be creating in the project after. 

I used textures to create a more realistic feel to the architectual designs along with give my work more of a 3D feel. The texture was to make my images more realistic.

The colouring for these works was done on Photoshop and i used different tones of those colours to give my work some effective shading without the aid of cross hatching.


The project went well and i am extremely pround of the imagery produced. I have learned a lot from this project and gained some extra skills in the digital field as well.




Final-Major Project

For the Final-Major Project i created a comic book based on a Science Fiction theme. This comic led on from my Pre-Major but the story has changed a little bit since then.


The story is based around two men that have been imprisoned govermental men as scapegoats for a scientific project that went horrible wrong.

These men use a devise to travel ten years into the past for the sole mission of hunting down and kiling the men that falsly accused them.


I had a lot of fun creating this comic book and I'm quite sad that it's over. To create it I used pencil for the initial sketches and then went over them with brush and Indian ink . I then scanned the pages in and digitally coloured then on Photoshop.


This project went well and there isn't much I'd change about it.

Final-Major Project